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We are working to support our clients and their employees impacted by COVID-19

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Multi-industry Client
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Entertainment Client
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Financial Services Client
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Entertainment Client
“My family and I appreciate this help and knowledge, thank you!”
Federal Express Employee
“LifeCare was nice, friendly and made sure I was comfortable with decisions.”
Nike Employee
“Thanks so much, LifeCare’s a wealth of knowledge!”
Financial Services Client
“All the information LifeCare provides is fantastic! Thank you!”
Viacom Employee
“Thank you for this service! I really appreciate it!”
Expedia Employee
“Thank you so much for all your efforts, LifeCare!”
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Employee
“This amazing service has been a game-changer. We’re so grateful!”
Phillips Van Heusen Associate
“Saved me tons of time, wish I used LifeCare sooner!”
Charles Schwab Employee
“LifeCare showed me lots of love and empathy; a positive experience!”
Financial Services Client

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