couple discussing financial and legal services with a financial planner

Help your employees manage stressful legal and financial issues—so they are more focused and productive at work.

What Are Enhanced Legal and Financial Services?

Our services save employees time and money with critical legal and financial issues. LifeCare’s specialists are accessible 24/7 to assess members’ needs and connect them with qualified attorneys and financial professionals nationwide who offer our members free and discounted services.

We offer tiered levels of assistance from which your organization can choose—from basic programs to enhanced levels of service that can include: in-person and/or telephonic consultations with attorneys and financial professionals; document preparation services; identity theft protection and recovery; and more.

Choose the programs that work best for your organization.

Why Offer Financial and Legal Services?

We Help Employees:

Reduce stress often associated with legal and financial matters

Proactively manage financial and legal affairs for themselves and their loved ones

Save money with free and discounted services

We Help Employers:

Decrease employee stress

Reduce workplace distractions

Increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty