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Empower and educate employees to achieve financial well-being and security.

What are Financial Wellness Services?

These services educate and empower employees to take control of their finances—and achieve financial security. We get them financially on track and help them stay there. Our program provides centralized access to:

  • LifeCare experts
  • Financial counselors
  • CFP® designated Financial Planner Professionals
  • A custom web-based destination
  • Discounts
  • Financial Bootcamp
  • “Tip of the Month”
  • Books and content

Why Offer Financial Wellness Services?

We Help Employees:

Understand how to achieve the financial well-being they want

Reduce their financial-related stress

Start saving now for the future

We Help Employers:

Reduce healthcare and other costs related to employee stress

Reduce financial distractions in the workplace

Increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty

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Healthcare costs are 50% higher for stressed workers

– 2012 Employee Benefit Research Institute

20 hours per month, per employee, are lost to financial worry

– E. Thomas Garman, Professor Emeritus of Family Financial Management at Virginia Tech University