Integrated EAP and Work-Life

Give your employees one confidential source for assistance with practical everyday needs and emotional concerns.

What are Integrated EAP & Work-Life Solutions?

LifeCare’s integrated Work-Life & EAP services provide confidential assistance to help employees with practical Work-Life issues and emotional/EAP concerns that can otherwise distract them from work.

Our program provides:

  • A high quality, one-stop, seamless experience for both Work-Life and EAP via telephone, online and in-person.
  • A member-centric, member-friendly entry point that drives utilization of all services.
  • A nationwide network of providers including optimal access to both clinical EAP services and Work-Life providers.
  • Supervisory management services that help managers/supervisors address organizational and operational issues.
  • Critical Incident Services to help your organization cope with catastrophic workplace incidents.
  • A flexible program design configured to the unique needs of our clients

Why offer Integrated Work-Life & EAP Services?

We Help Employees:

Save time with practical everyday needs

Improve emotional health & well-being

Reduce stress

We Help Employers:

Reduce employee absenteeism

Decrease employee stress

Improve employee health and well-being

Improve employee focus and morale

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