kits delivered to home

Help your employees manage parenting and caregiving milestones with kits delivered right to their doorsteps.

What Are LifeCare Kits?

Our kits provide employees with free products, timely information and discount coupons to help them navigate critical life milestones. Some of our most popular kits include:

Prenatal Kit

Helps expectant employees plan for a healthy pregnancy.

Adult Caregiver’s Kit

Helps caregivers in your organization better care for aging loved ones.

College Kit

Contains important information to help college-bound students prepare for and safely transition to college

Child Safety Kit

Helps parents prevent common childhood safety hazards by offering useful safety products and information for children.

Why offer Kits?

Kits Help Employees:

Successfully manage life milestones

Save money with free products, information and discount coupons

Save time by delivering products and information to their doors

Encourage members to contact us for further assistance with life’s needs

Kits Help Employers:

Dramatically increase employee morale and loyalty

Promote health and wellness in the workplace and at home

Decrease parent and caregiver stress

Improve engagement of the entire Work-Life program

Contact us for more information on these and other kits that can help your organization dramatically improve employee engagement and loyalty.