business woman on phone, seeking work-life balance

Reduce absenteeism and improve employee
focus and loyalty.

What Are LifeCare Services?

LifeCare services save employees time by helping them with personal life issues that can otherwise distract them from work, such as: child and elder care, education, financial/legal issues, health and everyday responsibilities.

Accessible 24/7, employees will receive personalized assistance from start to finish, including:

  • Expert guidance from Bachelor- and Master- level specialists
  • Confirmed referrals to providers nationwide
  • Interactive content, webinars and tools via our private website
  • Kits

We’ll also save your employees money with LifeMart, our discount shopping platform.

Plus, we’ll customize the program for your organization to include:

  • Dedicated phone number with custom greeting
  • Custom, co-branded website
  • Integration with your other benefits programs
  • Fully branded marketing campaigns
  • Custom reports and analytics

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More than one in four employees…

who hope to work elsewhere say that greater work-life balance would make them less likely to leave the a company.

MetLife, 2013 Study of Employee Benefits Trends

Why Offer LifeCare Services?

With over 30 years of experience, LifeCare is a recognized innovator and leader in the industry.

We Help Employees:

Save time with personal life issues

Save money with related discounts

Reduce workplace distractions and stress

Improve job satisfaction

We Help Employers:

Attract and retain valued employees

Reduce employee absenteeism

Improve employee focus

Build employee morale and loyalty